AdMainBridging base lending on property value not borrowing history

Offering Business Funding Solutions loans by AdMainBridging. As unregulated lenders offering expert solutions for UK businesses, property investors or on commercial ventures, we can cut through the red tape normally presented to you by banks and building societies with our fast and flexible non regulated funding options.

Don't let recent borrowing history stand in the way of progress. We base your commercial bridging finance on equity you have in the property you want to use as security, so even if you can't prove your income, we may still offer a short term secured finance option.


And Short Term Residential Loans bridging loans by AdMainBridging. As regulated lenders, we can lend directly to borrowers who wish to remain, or live in any house or home used as security. This can be done as a 1st or 2nd charge and as a 2nd charge it doesn't need to be in the style of a traditional, flexible short term bridging loan either.

We have specifically designed a second form of secured funding that is more of a medium term line of credit, with less pressure to make sure the full amount is paid off quickly. We can also give an almost instant decision on this in principal based on equity.


Quick bridge

  • Quick contact
  • Instant reply
  • Immediate decision
  • No credit check
  • Property secured
  • Fast pay out
  • Flexible repayment
  • Low rate interest

Credit history

  • Non status
  • A little adverse
  • Quite poor history
  • Bad credit
  • Repossession imminent
  • Considering IVA
  • IVAs
  • Declared bankrupt

Fast loan

  • One form
  • Poor credit experts
  • No credit checks
  • No loan no fee
  • Low cost admin charge
  • Cheap interest
  • Fast pay out
  • No early repayment penalty

Bridging loans

You will notice opposite, on our phone numbers, we have two. One is for business enquiries and for property investors and professionals who are not going to be living in the dwelling being used as security, and the other is for people that are actually wanting to live in the house or home being used as security. If you are going to phone us about bridging loans, make sure you get the right number. In conjunction with www.Fastest-Bridging-Loans.Co.UK, principal lender.

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HOMEOWNERS CALL US ON: 0845 463 4041


So who exactly can we help?

We are not a broker or an intermediary. We are not a lender as such. What we are is a group of lenders working together so that we can offer funding to people with a bad credit history, those that are unable to prove income or are non status, such as property investor and developers and those that are under the threat of repossession or bankruptcy.

IVA specialists.

Are you under threat, going through the process or even been declared bankrupt. As principal lenders offering unregulated funding, we can offer you a brdiging loan based purely on the amount of equity you have in the property or land you would like to use as security. Click here to learn more.

Looking to stop repossession.

Many many times in the past, and we certain that many many times in the future, people have, or will approach us to discuss the fact of using a short term secured funding option to stave off a repossession order. Use the funding to clear your arrears, then simply refinance. Click here to learn more.

Auction finance and BMV property purchases.

We genuinely deals with a plethora of property investors each and every month, that buy and sell property, or buy and lease or rent out property as their main occupation. As we base all our bridging on equity and not credit checks or scores, we can off you a fast decision. Click to learn more.

Non status or no proof of income.

Most property developers don't have a regular income. If this is you, you will be well aware of your wage day being when you sell a redeveloped property or land. We also develop and refurbish which gives us a unique insight into how your finances will work. We can offer you quick bridging loans. Click to learn more.

Bridging refinancing.

We understand that sometimes, a current bridging loan maybe coming to term, or we may be able to offer a much better rate of interest. We cna actually use one of our brdiging finance packages so that you can pay off any existing bridge agreement and start from scratch. Click to learn more.

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