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Bridging loans for IVA's and discharged bankrupts.

First, all our funding is based on equity, not on credit scores. This is why we are able to deal with those who find themselves facing an IVA or contemplating discharging themselves as bankrupt. You can even be registered on the insolvency register. It will not affect our decision as long as you have ample equity built up in the property or land you wish to you as security.

For a home owner purchase call:

0845 463 4041

For an investment or business purchase call:

0845 467 9798

One or more CCJ's also helped.

If you have been refused elsewhere because you a County Court Judgement, we are still able to assist. You could have two or three, even four, it's irrelevant at this time. We offer CCJ bridging loans based solely on the equity you have in the house, or building you want to use as security, not on your credit report.

Ideally, you would no more than sixty percent of outstanding mortgage or secured loans on the property being used as collateral. If you fall into that category and have a few CCJ's or are declared bankrupty, have an IVA or are on the insolvency register, we can still offer financing.

The only way you are going to find out if we are able to lend to you, is by getting in touch.

 Send us the details of your borrowing requirements 

Longer term lending and business funding also available.

Not only are we principal lenders and specialists in short term loans, we have adapted our 2nd charge form of lending so that it can be repaid over a slightly longer time frame if required. You can request more information by using the quick contact form just to the right.

Alternatively, as a homeowner, call us up on:

0845 463 4041

If you are a property investor or are looking for funding for a business or venture or purpose, then give our commercial department a call on:

0845 467 9798

Or you can also use our online short application form which ask just a few short questions so we can give you an almost immediate decision in principal based on equity. We do not need to undertake credit checks if you are ample equity in the property or land you would like to use as security.

 Send us the short details of your borrowing requirements 

Even if you are already on the insolvency register or if you are looking for an alternative to declaring yourself bankrupt or registering as an IVA, we can help as long as you have equity in the property being used as security.

We offer secured financing to all types of potential bad credit borrowers too including residential property owners trying to stop a home repossession, businesses with unpaid, outstnading invoices in need of cash flow and those that credit card or mortgage defaults.

Even those that are unable to prove a regular income in need of a non status option.

Also, if you already have bridging finance and need a refinancing package and have defaults, we may be able to set up a 2nd or 3rd charge to buy you some breathing space.

The only way to see if we are able to offer a line of credit is to get in contact.

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T: 0845 463 4041

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