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Auction finance and BMV property purchases using bridging loans.

We offer funding based purely on equity only. So if you are buying a house, home, or even business property and your deposit and purchase price combined means you only need to borrow 65% or less, then we can help irrespective of your credit history.

Even if you are registered on the insolvency register, we don't take passed defaults into account on our decision to lend or not. We base it purely on equity. Use our quick contact form to the right to request a call back, click the button below for a more detailed application form or phone the relevant number from the two below.

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For a home owner purchase call:

0845 463 4041

Investment or business sale call:

0845 467 9798

What you can expect in the near future.

If you choose to use our call back form on the right, we will call you back at the time you have specified. We will need a few personal details to work out if or how much we are able to lend you. This will be the your full and address, plus the addresses of any other property or properties you would like to use as security. We will also need an estimated value of these properties and any other charges or securities on these. This will also be the same procedure if you call us directly. 

The more expansive enquiry form, located here, asks all these basic questions so we can ascertain almost immediately if and how much we are able to offer in the form of a bridging loan to be used to buy a house or land at an auction.

If you are happy with the terms and conditions of borrowing, combined with the rates of interest, you and us can then move forward onto the valuation of whatever you have chosen to use to secure your auction funding. We do not charge you any fee for this. As long as everything is in order here, we can take the step onto the legal aspectsd and all the relative paperwork.

Once the paperwork is completed and signed we can electronically send the funds to your nominate UK bank account.

It sounds a long drawn out process, however, it can be all completed within 48 hours in cases of emergency. The completion time does depend on you more than us. The quicker we can get the relative information to make our offer of funding, the quicker you decide if you want to use us or not means we can value the property or land being used as security and skip on to the legal stuff and paperwork.

Average time currently is round about a week, but like we mentioned, we can do this much quicker if needed, or we can work towards a specific date if that is more convenient for you.

So call one of the numbers on the right or click the button to send us the details electronically.

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Poor, adverse and bad credit principal lenders.

We are not brokers or intermediaries. This website is actually run by a group or lenders. A panel, pooling their resources. Crowdsourcing if you will, to be able to offer decent rates to those that are afflicted with a poor credit history.

You see, we undestand that in recent times, not everybody survived with a good credit ratingin tact, and typically, it wasn't the borrowers fault, usually banks or building societies forclosing too quickly in a state of panic.

So we are thinking outside the box. We are basing funding on equity alone, not skewed credit reports. If you have decent equity, we should be able to offer you a line of credit. We are the post credit crunch bad credit bridging loan specialists.

However, you need to get in touch to find out if we are able to finance you or not.

Homeowners call 0845 463 4041.

Investors or business owners need to call 0845 467 9798 or you can also visit

Or you can use the quick contact form at the top of the page and request a call back, or use our online quote form by clicking the button below.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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This is for homeowner bridging

T: 0845 463 4041

F: 0845 463 4041

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